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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Unleashing Innovation: The Launch of The Slush

Rashanda Mason, also lovingly known as Muffin, is the founder and owner of The Slush, an alcoholic frozen slush bar in downtown Bull City. We had a chance to catch up with Muffin and got to learn all about her journey through serial entrepreneurship. What we found out was that it didn't come without its challenges. But, in order to understand her journey, we must start from the beginning...

Rashonda Mason aka Muffin

...How it all started

Muffin was always considered the matriarch of her family, she’s always had an untraditional way of thinking about life and her goals. As a young woman, Muffin was one of very few promoters that hosted safe, fun and racially inclusive events in the Durham area. During her earliest career Muffin founded Prissy entertainment LLC, to bring these types of events to downtown Durham.

Parties, Promoting and Partnerships

Through Prissy entertainment, Muffin was known to put on dope events including the people that looked like her. As her name grew in the industry, her business did too. Muffin started working with different bars and lounges in NC and even partnered up with other promoters. She began to develop business relationships with artists and entertainers and soon found a new niche. Through those relationships Muffin saw a need in the artist community and went on to found “Suit Life Consulting” LLC. Helping artists to realize their full potential and offering services that they didn't even know they needed.

Don't forget your picture on stage

Fast forward to the new millennium. Muffin continued to operate Suite Life while she also worked a career in the Human Resource field. She loved curating dope events but realized that if she ever wanted to fully execute her concept and walk into the space that she envisioned, she’d have to acquire a commercial building.

In 2020, Muffin received an incredible opportunity to lease a commercial space and immediately jumped on it. Opening the doors to the Slush on August 14th, 2021 was an accomplished day! About 1 month after opening, Muffin was able to leave her role in the HR field and focus full time on her passion.

Hardwork pays off

The slush has become a popular hangout for friends and colleagues. Is it even popular amongst families thanks to their non -alcoholic slushies. If you haven't been to the Slush bar, you should run there! The Slush has 16 different flavors including rotating non alcoholic flavors. When you visit don't forget to ask for your drink “the Slush way” and their bartenders will load up your slushy with candy favorites! Oh and don't forget to let them know that 617 Social sent you.

The Ambiance

To learn more about The Slush, visit the 617 directory for special coupons and freebies or visit The Slush website.

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