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Member Spotlight: The Style Guru, Meet our Men's Image Consultant Ready to Transform Your Wardrobe

In the world of business and professional settings, the way a man presents himself can have a significant impact on his success. This is where a men's image consultant can make a difference, helping men refine their style and create a polished, professional image.

One men's image consultant who is making a name for himself in the industry is Keyon Havner of Suited to Serve. Based in Fayetteville, NC. Keyon has worked with a range of clients, helping them to develop a personal style that reflects their personality and fits their professional goals.

Keyons approach to image consulting is focused on creating a holistic image that considers all aspects of a man's appearance, from his clothing and grooming to his body language, scent, and communication style. He works with clients to identify their personal brand and develop a wardrobe that reflects that brand, while also providing guidance on grooming, fitness, and communication skills.

One of the unique aspects of Suited 2 Serves approach to image consulting is the emphasis on authenticity. The company believes that a man's personal style should be an extension of his personality, and encourages clients to embrace their individuality rather than trying to fit into a certain mold.

Keyon's success as an image consultant can be attributed to his ability to provide practical and actionable advice that is tailored to each client's needs. He is building a strong reputation in the industry!

Men's image consultants like Suited 2 Serve play an important role in helping men refine their style and create a professional image that reflects their personal brand. By taking a holistic approach and emphasizing authenticity, consultants like Keyon are helping men achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

Make sure to book your free consultation with Suited to Serve. To find more information about Suited 2 Serve, check out our 617 Directory or visit:


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