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La La's Land From BeanTown to Bull City.

When La La moved from Boston to Durham she was on a mission to find like minded individuals in a comfortable setting much like what she was use to in Boston. Upon discovering that there was little to no options, La La thought to herself that if she was going to be in Durham than she would like to have a lounge she can go to and socialize with other professionals even if she would have to create it herself.

In 2020 La La set out to begin this mission by using her own residence to host social events she called it " Six1Seven Social" based off the area code from which she grew up. Hosting a series of events from cookouts to Juneteenth celebrations. La La saw that she had something and wanted to expand so she set out to raise money by starting a crowdfunding campaign. She promoted her campaign on the iFundWomen Platform raising $20,000.

La La has since came along way. By growing her network she was able to expand into hosting events at venues, hiring a marketing team and brand specialist. She is moving

upward! La La has so much more coming for the city of Durham stay tune!

The 2020 Logo

The 2022 Logo

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